Trademerch are currently the only dedicated trademark/keyword monitoring solution, all of our resources go into the monitoring of trademarks, you can monitor any USPTO class. With Trademerch you have complete control over your keywords/phrases and monitoring, you will receive email notifications (and/or browser notifications if you opt in) whenever there is a major USPTO status change to any of your phrases/keywords, there's no other program as innovative and advanced in this field.


We have been offering professional 100% reliable 24/7 monitoring since 2015. We also have what would be classed as a fast, reliable and certainly an advanced Trademark search engine, we use the same technology as the top search engines and have our own dedicated trademark database, you can search using 4 distinct search types, your chosen keyword/phrase can then be added directly to the monitor.


Our search engine is alphanumeric therefore it will also search punctuation, at time of writing this is a groundbreaking first no other TM search engine offers this.


Don't lose your Amazon account over takedowns or trademark infringements, join 1000's of others who use our service and start monitoring now before it's too late!