We have left beta!


Go to the “Pricing” page & choose a subscription package that matches the amount of keywords you want to monitor, alternatively you can just click on the “Free Signup” button on the home page or on the “Create an Account” link in the main menu both of these links will guide you through registration and automatically sign you up for the FREE 5 keyword max option (no need to add credit card details or Paypal details), you can test our service for free with this option, this option is ongoing and free forever, you will never be charged.

If you want to upgrade/downgrade packages you will find an option in your account to “Upgrade/Downgrade”. If you add more keywords than your subscription permits then you will see an alert message advising you of this on the monitor page, you will need to either delete some keywords to match your subscription keyword limit or upgrade to the next package. We will at no time ever delete any of your keywords (unless requested by you).